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Helping grant managers allocate their funds to where they will do the most good.

CC Grant Tracker

Turn your organisation from a clumsy brontosaurus into a nimble velociraptor.

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CC Grant Tracker The complete grants management software solution


CC Grant Tracker is now Europe's leading grant management software during the last 4 years significantly more organisations have purchased CC Grant Tracker than any other software. Over 35 organisations are now managing their complete grants process on-line using CC Grant Tracker


With CC Grant Tracker you can :-

  • Create and amend funding or grant making programs
  • Accept online and offline applications
  • Assess the applications (recommend, reject, request further information)
  • Configure your own grant application forms and workflow for your grants
  • Manage multiple programs simultaneously
  • Manage grants with one applicant or many co-applicants
  • Help ensure that your applicants are eligible (automatically)
  • Review assessment recommendations
  • Communicate with and assist applicants and track and audit all of this activity
  • Make offers
  • Receive offer acceptance
  • Set up payment schedule and payment criteria in a variety of formats to meet the needs of finance, grant holders
  • Monitor progress and make payments
  • Complete the grant funding
  • Report extensively on all aspects of your funding programs ensuring that management and external funders are provided with the information they need when they need it


CC Grant Tracker is a comprehensive grants management solution which manages the full life cycle of grant administration, from initial application through evaluation, review, approval, on-going financial management and outcome measurement. CC Technology believe strongly that CC Grant Tracker is the most advanced and effective enterprise grants management system available. We propose that CC Technology are the right partner to deliver your grants management system, both in the short term to deliver the initial project and in the future; as a Grants Management specialist and also as a strong business with which you can work over the term of the contract. This is backed up by the following:-

  • Track record. Over the last 5 years we have successfully delivered over 20 enterprise grants management solutions to organisations around the globe. In total they have received over 20,000 applications and made grants in excess of €1bn.
  • Strong references. Delivery to all of our clients has been successful and we work hard to ensure that all new customers will reference us as well as our existing clients do.
  • Comprehensive support. Occasionally, there may be problems with IT where it fails to work to its capacity - it is the nature of systems. However, we are here to assure you that it becomes an immediate priority to resolve such issues. Our team work quickly, calmly and thoroughly to resolve any issues and get CCGT running as smoothly as usual.
  • Advanced web-forms. Our web forms have been widely praised by both applicants and administrators. It is one thing to deliver simple web forms; some applications are not simple, they are complex and need to be usable and deliver excellent validation, as ours do.
  • User approval. It is important to know that not all online systems are as usable as others. Applicants, administrators, managers and reviewers have all given us great feedback on how flexible and user friendly our system is.
  • Reduced risk. We are confident that if selected, based on our track record, our approach and product poses a low risk of project failure for your organisation.
  • Financial stability. CC Technology has been trading successfully for over 20 years, with a stable turnover, over 20 staff, retained reserves, no borrowings or external investors and many customers on yearly support contracts; CC Technology is a safe selection from a financial perspective.

For more information on CC Grant Tracker please visit our dedicated grant management website here



Careers at CC Technology


CC Technology offer rewarding careers in software development, we are mainly a .net sql/server company. Our jobs are interesting and challenging we developed software for a variety of clients in the UK and globally, a career at CC Technology will challenge you and allow you to deliver high quality software, our team are very supportive and our flexible approach to working conditions is designed to allow you to focus on the important aspects of software development.

Our sales and marketing positions offer a clearly defined and exciting global market, you will be supported by the technical team in developing the product and delivering pitches to prospectrive customers. CC Technology staff strive to ensure all customers are very satisfied with our software and service encouraging referrals and ensuring that you are selling a product that is increasingly seen as the best available.

A software development or sales career at CC Technology will we hope prove that not all jobs or companies are the same. We will value your input and contribution and you will be judged only on effort and results.