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CC Music Store

CC Music Store is a sophisticated web solution that allows record labels to promote and sell music that can be downloaded.

If you're a mid-sized record label wanting to move your catalogue into music download sales, you'll know it's a significant undertaking. We have a product and service that will allow you to enter this market with confidence, and deliver a high-quality product to your customers.Our music download consultants will simplify this complex undertaking, ensuring that your download website is an immediate success with existing customers as well as being able to bring in new clients 24 hours a day.

Features include:

  • The full catalogue can be available for online preview and purchase in various download formats.
  • Detailed catalogue with extensive metadata and cross-referencing for extensive information on the site, on the downloaded tracks and in the site search.
  • Support for traditional sales of CDs, vinyl, etc.
  • Automatic conversion of recordings from WAV into MP3, FLAC, WMA and other download formats.
  • High-quality downloads with 44.1 KHz and 88.2 KHz files for a full studio master delivery.
  • International pricing and delivery options.
  • Independent pricing for all formats with individual overrides for key tracks.
  • E-mailshots to let your customers know about new releases.
  • Full management of customer accounts, purchases and downloads.
  • Fully-hosted solution to manage the availability and delivery of downloads.
  • Management information to assess trading patterns.

We would be delighted to discuss your plans for either moving online or upgrading your current service. Please contact either Dave Allan or Brian Armour on +44 141 229 1414.


Dacapo the Danish National Label (www.dacapo-records.dk) has launched its new CC Music Store, further proof of their dedication to providing the best Danish music, in the highest possible quality formats.

Dacapo Dacapo

Please click the images above to visit the Dacapo website or read how the download store got off to a flying start.

Naim Label

NaimLabel (www.NaimLabel.com) , one of the biggest audiophile labels in the world has launched their new High Definition CC Music Store, further enhancing their global market position

NaimLabel NaimLabel

Please click the images above to visit NaimLabel's site and listen to the music.

Gimell Records

Gimell Records (www.gimell.com) launched their new site in November 2007 to immediate global customer interest.

Gimell Records Gimell Records Catalogue

Please click the images above to visit Gimell Records' site and listen to the music.

Linn Records

Linn Records (www.LinnRecords.com) have recently released their new website on the CC Music Store platform, to strong customer acclaim.

Stereophile Magazine were so impressed they awarded the Editor's Choice for Best Product of 2007 to Linnrecords.com.

Gramophone Magazine wrote "A model download site... a website that finally takes listeners' concerns about sound quality seriously." April 2007.

Linn Records Linn Records

Please click the images above to visit Linn Records' site and listen to the music.

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